Loans to cover life’s unexpected expenses

Whether for a broken boiler, to fix a car, or even some much-needed medical treatment. A loan from Uploan is designed to help you get through those unexpected expenses that life throws at you.

What are unexpected expenses?

An unexpected expense is not an expense that has been budgeted for on a monthly, or even yearly basis. An unexpected expense is the result of an event that typically is out of the person’s control and that they will find it hard to cover financially.

Usually, we can budget successfully throughout the year and plan for certain spikes in our monthly expenditure.

Spring is when annual policies are renewed and for many of us, paying our tax bills. Summer has the annual holiday that brings its own additional costs like accommodation and flights. Autumn and winter bring increased energy bills and of course Christmas shopping.

Sadly, even with the best financial planning, household personal finances can go ‘off the rails’ – and usually when households least expect it.

Typical examples of unexpected expenses

There are all types of common cases our customers use our loans to cover:

  • job loss
  • school trips
  • medical costs
  • car breakdown or failed MOT
  • winter boiler repairs
  • renewing annual insurances

Whatever the reason the unexpected expense is, Uploan requires applicants to have a steady monthly income to avoid our customers falling into further financial difficulty when they make their repayments.

This doesn’t necessarily mean being employed if you wish to take a loan to cover you whilst you look for new work, we do accept some benefits as part of your income.

Should Uploan customers experience difficulties with their repayments, they should contact us immediately so we can find a solution together.

Uploan loans for unexpected expenses

Uploan loans are unsecured, meaning that they do not require applicants to provide equity as collateral.

A loan from Uploan can help UK households cover such unexpected expenses provided that they are UK residents. Loans from Uploan:

  • typically vary from £500 to £2,000
  • can be repaid in monthly repayments ranging from 1 month to 12

Uploan believes that borrowing money should be uncomplicated.

That’s why to apply for one of our loans applicants only need to:

  1. be 18 years or older
  2. have a UK bank or building society account with a current debit card
  3. have a working mobile phone & email address
  4. no users with a CCJ or CCJs in the last 6 years can apply
  5. have a regular monthly income of at least £800 (some benefits may be included)

If you meet the above criteria, then it’s quick and easy to apply for a loan to cover your unexpected expenses.

Should your loan application be approved and you’ve signed the loan agreement online, the money is generally transferred to your current account within minutes.

All we ask is:

  • You think carefully about whether you can afford to repay the money you wish to borrow and to be open in your dealings with us. For example, if you have lost your job, how will you repay?
  • Help us prevent fraud and protect your data when using your online log-in details.
  • Examine your balance statements to ensure they are accurate and correct. If anything isn’t right, immediately call us.

Good to know

Uploan is a certified member of the Consumer Finance Association so applicants can be rest assured they are dealing with a responsible and accredited lender.

Repaying your loan and recovering from that unexpected expense

So, you have an unexpected expense, you’ve taken a loan from Uploan – how will you make sure you repay on time?

Uploan knows that monthly expenses fluctuate, with income during some months higher than others. Luckily, Uploan is here to help with our multiple repayment options.

Multiple repayment options are a way that borrowers can repay their loans in several payments. Borrowers have up to twelve months to repay their loan with Uploan. By then we’d hope that you have recovered from that unexpected expense that caused the loan application in the first place.

As a Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) member, Uploan stride to provide reliable lending services. Offering multiple repayment options is but one way Uploan are leading the way for other lenders within the industry to serve their customers better.

Are you interested in a loan?

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Representative example: Borrow £1000 for 12 months. Total repayment: £1953,07 in 12 monthly payments of £162,76. Interest p.a: 146.10% (fixed). Representative 296,91%APR.
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